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Many people believe that by completing a bunch of Fire Risk Assessments (FRA) in their buildings they have done enough to be compliant. That is far removed from the reality of the situation. As the result of carrying out an FRA many buildings will need to carry out remedial actions that have fallen out of the assessment.

Many of these actions may be small, such as carrying out a fire alarm test. However, some of these actions may require outside contractors to carry out work on or in the premises, such as fire safety training for all staff, FFE servicing or potentially as drastic as replacing a Fire Door.

On average, here at Riskmonitor, we see 9 remedial actions for every FRA completed. If you only manage one building this can be easily tracked and monitored. If, however, you manage 105 retail stores and 2 offices around the UK as our customer Lush Cosmetics do then that represents a whole new challenge.

When we met Lush they were managing the whole portfolio using spreadsheets and a document depository provided by a third party. Nothing talked to each other and nothing was easy to manage. Managing the day to day compliance requirements of a large, diverse, geographically widespread portfolio is very demanding and is a great way to enjoy sleepless nights! Ideally, everyone wants everything in one place. One central location with all your portfolio, all your tasks, all your documents, everything in an easy access solution, sending alerts and providing email escalation ensuring nothing is missed.

That is what RAMIS does for you.

RAMIS is Riskmonitor’s compliance software solution and has been actively protecting our customers and ensuring compliance for over 20 years. It is used in over 100,000 properties and is helping organisations manage more than 1.5million compliance related tasks.

We migrated Lush into RAMIS and now they manage their entire Fire compliance requirements through the platform. Riskmonitor’s internal Customer Success Team managed the entire migration process ensuring zero downtime and a stress-free adoption of the platform. This was followed up with in depth user training and ongoing support ensuring maximum return of investment for Lush Cosmetics.

Don’t take our word for it, here is what Sarah Scott, Health and Safety Team Manager from Lush Cosmetics had to say: