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One of our clients the Maritime Coastal Agency via Interserve FM have the huge responsibility of protecting our beautiful coastline. They have over 400 remote stations all around the UK, some are manned, but many are unmanned service stations in places such as the Outer Hebrides, Shetland Islands, Anglesey, Lands’ End and everywhere in between.

As their Fire Safety partners, we were tasked with carrying out Fire Risk Assessments annually across their entire portfolio.

Previously they had a number of issues, such as consistency across a national portfolio and having a partner with the UK wide presence able to carry out annual assessments across such a wide area of diverse buildings. However, the main concern that the customer had was the huge over provision of FFE (Fire Fighting Equipment). There were many issues around this concern but as example a previous partner had advised that every remote building required a suitable fire extinguisher, that would need to be purchased and annually serviced which came in at a massive cost, circa £25K initial capital expense to purchase all the equipment and then the annual maintenance contract would be a similar ongoing expense.

Unfortunately, our industry is full of companies that use the Fire Risk Assessment as an opportunity to provide their customer with a shopping list of equipment or services that they provide. In essence, they write their own cheques. In these cases much of the good advice is eclipsed by an opportunistic up-sell process that sees the end customer paying for equipment and services they do not really need. It is something we see all the time and is very disappointing.

As an independent fire safety consultant, Riskmonitor is able to detach themselves from this scenario and provide advice solely based on life safety and the best practice and interest for our customers.

In this case, we looked at provision of FFE across the entire portfolio and advised where there clear over provision. For example, we noted that in some buildings that were less than 20 square metres there were 4 fire extinguishers.

This kind of advice and guidance enabled our customer to make significant savings across their entire portfolio. In this case as opposed to adding to the burden and cost of this annual re-assessment schedule, we were removing cost and future demands on the customer.