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Taking away the pain.

Managing hundreds if not thousands of properties is immensely stressful and that is worse when having to use an outside partner to bolster the in-house team.

It doesn’t have to be painful.

You need a partner that you can trust and is a true extension of your own team and in our experience as a team of fire consultants, there are a few key attributes that your compliance partner should have.

Competency of the assessors, consistency of the reports across your entire portfolio, regardless of size, purpose or location is really important. Ensuring your partner is not writing their own cheques by recommending over the provision of equipment which is easily done when they are not independent and using the consultancy services to upset other parts of their business.

The reliability that they will meet deadlines and due dates, not leaving you exposed but ensuring the quality of the reports by internal audits and external accreditations.

All of these things are important and can be found at Riskmonitor.


needing help from fire consultants

Our backbone is your strength

Fire consultancy services are the backbone of our business.

For 20 years Riskmonitor have been providing our customers, with large, diverse property portfolios across the UK with the benefits of our fire consultancy services.

From a Fire Risk Assessment to a Fire Door Survey, from the early concept of a building with Plan Stage reports through to a Pre-Occupation Report we have been ensuring the safety of your employees and the fabric of your buildings.

Over the last 20 years we have become highly competent in a number of sectors which feeds into the understanding of your business and the quality of the end report. Local authority, housing associations, retail, manufacturing, care homes, charity organisations, and large facilities management businesses all continue to use our experience to help remove pain points of compliance.


fire consultants - here to help

Experience and Infrastructure

More and more we are seeing customers coming off the back of a bad experience. They may have been let down or the reports that have been provided are simply not fit for purpose.

Having an experienced team behind the boots on the ground, gives you peace of mind and allows you to get on with other demands of managing that portfolio.

We feed all our finings and reports into our RAMIS compliance task management software that then enables you to see where your areas of concern may be and where best to spend that scarcest of commodities – time.