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Managing that large, diverse property portfolio and everything it throws at you daily can be like a nightmare. When you outsource part of that compliance, particularly something that, if not done properly, can expose your customers, your assets and you personally to life threatening danger just increases the ten fold.

It’s not just about outsourcing to the cheapest or the closest, it’s about building trust.

Trusting that your partner can deliver for you, not just now and again, but time and time again at a very high standard. It should be a relief delegating work to a trusted partner, not a concern. When you know that what you need done is in progress, with regular updates and easily managed you are able to get on with the rest of the “To-Do” list.

The Top 10 Fire Safety Challenges

By working closely with our customers, over the years we have highlighted to top 10 challenges all portfolio managers face.

These are:

Consistency of provision across a geographically challenging portfolio. Quality of the assessors and the assessments they produce. The competency of the assessors attending your site. Your partner having the necessary industry experience, after all a retail shop or manufacturing unit, is totally different from a school or a care home.

We have highlighted other equally as important challenges and broken them down so take a moment to have a look.



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We are your extended workforce

Building that trust and delivering our promises enables us to become an extension of your in-house team.

Competition is good for all industries, but increasingly our customers are approached by small, one man band operations, potentially working from home who can offer attractive pricing and will no doubt have excellent experience in most cases.

That does not help when you are tackling portfolio’s in the hundreds or thousands. You need infrastructure to support the work in the back office. Who is answering calls when they are on the job. Make sure your trust your portfolio, your customers and your livelihood to professionals.