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How can you ensure that the next partner that you choose to be your fire safety consultant will deliver with the highest quality possible? Great question, let’s see if we can help.

How to ensure a quality Fire Risk Assessment

Lots of things go into making something a quality product. Time, effort, experience, knowledge, care, etc. Some may say money but paying the highest price doesn’t always ensure quality, ask any Alfa Romeo driver! On the flip side, we can be pretty certain if you are paying way below the odds, the chances are you won’t get quality when it comes to Fire Risk Assessments.

One question you have to ask any potential partner for Fire Safety is this:

How do you ensure the quality of your assessments?

To double-check the answer you can follow up with:

What standards do you compare that quality to?

You should be looking to ensure they have a quality control/assurance system in place. That may involve sampling or 100% of all assessments. Some may do both, dependent on the risk factor that the building or area may have.

Fire Risk Assessment best practices

Independent Validators will check all FRA’s that assessors complete, and they should be ensuring that the FRA is suitable and sufficient and in line with accredited standards such as BAFE or IFE etc.

A quality control process is part of the jigsaw, but it has to be accompanied by a quality question set and then a quality presented product.

You can ensure that any potential partner is providing a quality product by asking for examples of previous work carried out on similar buildings in a similar sector.

A quick way to shortlist potential partners is to check what accreditations they have and are in current and in date. Ones to watch out for are BAFE or IFE, these are well respected and are not easily achieved and are regularly audited to ensure they meet exacting standards the industry expects.

Quality is so important, especially when you are managing large portfolios with many loves at risk daily and millions of pounds of property under your control.

Do your homework on any potential partners and ensure that they can keep your people, yourself and your business safe and compliant.