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Choosing a reliable Fire Risk Assessor

Everyone needs someone that they can rely on and it should be no different when choosing your fires safety consultants.

Having partners that can turn a pressing, high priority assessment around quickly, with the required quality as a given is such a comfort to have when you are spinning so many plates. Just being able to make that one phone call, to your account manager and know that you do not need to worry about that anymore can be such a comfort and that is what relaiability is all about.

In recent years we have seen our assessors travel to far lying sites in the Outer Hebrides, Isles of Scilly, Skye and Aran travelling by car, boat, and then bike to get to the site. That is reliability. We have seen assessors sleeping in post offices sheltering from storms and pressing on the following day to ensure compliance deadlines are met for our customers. That is reliable.

Unfortunately, words like Quality, Consistency, Reliability are very easy to say but in reality far harder to live up to. As a partner you have to care, you have to see the deadline as your deadline and your problem.

Making sure assessors are at the right place at the right time, with the right details, equipment and identification is all part of a reliable partner relationship.

Questions to ask

Ask any potential partner, what happens if you miss our due dates on our assessments?

There doesn’t have to be financial penalties, but it should hurt.

Like any great candidate in an interview, they won’t remember when they performed excellently as that is business as usual for them. What they do remember and what does stick in their head is when they fell short or missed. It hurts and drives them forward. Your partner should feel the same way.

Your partner should manage your due dates and be proactive. With enough on your plate, it can be made much easier when your partner provides a list at the start of the year outlining what is due and proposed dates for completions. Can your prospective partner do that for you? If not, why? If yes, how? Make sure you substantiate those claims.

We will come onto reputation and infrastructure, which, coupled with ongoing management tools how an established business with a proven track record can do that for you.

You may not be able to get the same level of service from a smaller, one-man band that lacks that pedigree and trading history to call upon.

If your chosen partner isn’t reliable then it could be you that falls foul of compliance standards.