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Surely a Fire Risk Assessment is the same no matter where you are or what building you are looking at. If only it were that easy.

Sector experience is so helpful when you are visiting sites. Any prospective partner should have experience of dealing with your type of portfolio and certainly your industry sector. A large manufacturing unit is totally different from a retail premises in a shopping centre or high street. A high-rise block of flats has different risks to a large warehouse unit. A primary school has small children that require help to evacuate, as does a care home with elderly patients.

Many assessors feel comfortable dealing with certain building types and differing levels of risk. If your partner is a one-man band then he will need to be pretty versatile and sometimes go against his skill set. If you partner with a larger more established business, then ask to see their skills matrix. If they are accredited with a BAFE or IFE, then they would need to retain that information to ensure that they provide a product that matches the standards they expect.

Ask your prospective partner to provide you with examples of other customers, within your sector that they have dealt with. Perhaps they deal with your main competitors. Knowing that your prospective partner understands your sector and your types of properties should represent a big tick in the box for you.