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When you outsource any function of your business to a third party you are going to do so to get the level of expertise you need to fulfil the job better than you could have done internally. Part of that outsource function is having a partner that you can call upon and speak with to offer advice and support for subject matter that may not cross your desk every day.

Knowing the in-depth detail of the RRO (2005) Fire Safety and the details of the standards required by an awarding body such as BAFE or IFA is not part of your job description. You are no doubt familiar and may have been dealing with these things for many years but on that odd occasion where you know you need a second pair of eyes or a friendly expert to bounce ideas off then that is something any partner in Fire Safety should be there at the end of a phone or email.

Planning and delivering a wide scale project of visits and assessments can be time consuming, again that is where a more established partner with the necessary infrastructure will be able to advise and implement what you need within set timescales and working to deadlines.

Opening new stores, extending offices, moving internally, or just general advice is sometimes what is needed and when any of these events occur you need a partner with the flexibility and the coverage to be able to drop in and re-assess or talk through your options.

That support may not come from your point of sale person, or even the assessor who visited originally, you may need far more experienced support that would come from a senior head of fire safety who may help you design particular strategies for certain buildings, old or new. You may cover a multitude of Fire Service areas so want to deal with the primary authority scheme so you can have consistency across your portfolio. Great partners can help you achieve what you need while ensuring you are compliant and minimising risk to life and premises.

Ask your partner about their team, can you see their organisation chart?

What is your ongoing support?

Who can you escalate issues to?

Who will be dealing with you day to day?

Have they had experience of dealing closely with local fire authorities?