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Whether onsite or remote, training your team ensures their safety and the safety of your customers and your property portfolio. Whether it be Fire Warden Training, Fire Risk Assessor Training or Basic Fire Safety Awareness Training we are able to ensure your team is up to speed.

Our team of trainers can call upon years of practical, on the job experience and all come from a Fire Service background, many having spent over 30 years at the sharp end of Fire Safety. They bring all this experience into the classroom for your benefit and knowledge.

On Demand Learning

Our courses are increasingly run remotely and all are web based meaning your team can log in and access the training at their own pace and when it suits them.

No need for you to up root your entire team, you can schedule in the training around your business day to day activity which provide you with much more flexibility.

Training for all your staff

Many of our courses are on demand so you can sign up and complete the course on the day.