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As a specialist in Fire Safety we are able to offer all of your staff Basic Fire Safety Training

This course delivers quality Basic Fire and Awareness that will ensure everyone understands the importance of fire safety in the workplace whilst at the same time making employees aware of their duties and responsibilities in the event of a fire.

Who is the course for?

This Course is suitable for any member of staff.

Course Overview

Here’s what the Basic Fire Safety Awareness training will provide you:

Basic Fire Dynamics – To give the delegates a basic awareness of fire dynamics

Fire Legislation and Standards – To give the delegate an understanding of the growth of fire safety legislation and the impact of the Fire Safety Order 2005

Role and Responsibilities – To give the delegate an understanding of their roles and responsibilities in managing fire risk(s) in buildings, and to understand the corporate, managers and employees responsibilities

fire safety consultant training

Course Content

Fire Risk Assessment – To give the delegate an understanding of the fire risk assessment process together with its outcomes.

Evacuation Strategy – To give the delegate an understanding of the various design strategies and emergency plan

As legislation changes our courses adapt to ensure your staff are provided with the most up to date training and knowledge possible.

We also adapt our courses to your needs and environment

What will I get out of it?

All our delegates get:

A better understanding of the risk assessment process and its outcomes

They will understand roles and responsibilities under the Fire Safety Order 2005

On completion all our delegates will receive a certificate of completion together with comprehensive delegate notes


Duration: Half Day

Location: Onsite, Webinar, OnDemand